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First Mennonite Church

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Follow Jesus Mature in Faith Carry the Good News

FMC Mission Statement:

God calls us to Follow Jesus, Mature in faith, and Carry the good news. God calls us to be a transformed people as we:   Follow Jesus in our daily lives by accepting him as Savior and joyfully responding to his love by abiding in him through prayer, Bible study and worship by acting with kindness, mercy and justice toward everyone   Mature in . . .

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History of First Mennonite Church

In 1873, Peter Jansen, a Mennonite from West Prussia, Germany, settled near what is now Jansen, Nebraska. He was convinced that Jefferson and Gage Counties had the best land available for raising livestock. Mennonites had been in the Prussian region, then part of Poland, since the 1500s when they fled the Netherlands to escape persecution. While they were tolerated in West Prussia, life was still difficult. Mennonites . . .

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Lent 2024: Christ Among Us

Lent begins with mourning on Ash Wednesday, when we remember who we are as humans and who God is, reminding us of our brokenness and God’s grace. This is followed by passages recalling Christ’s venture into the wilderness and the 40-day journey that we are about to embark on as well. The journey starts with this moment of God speaking to God’s Son, announcing to the world who Jesus is, reminding Jesus of his belovedness, and reminding the people of God of the prophecies and promises of the coming Messiah.

This year’s Lenten texts focus on covenants. They point to God’s history of reaching out to continue in relationship with God’s people. Covenants begin with God. God forms an agreement with God’s people. Time and time again, humanity fails to follow these covenants, yet God’s mercy and grace remain. Christ is among us, reminding us of who we are, and even when we fail, reminding us of grace and calling us beloved.

Week of April 21 - April 27, 2024