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First Mennonite Church

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Follow Jesus Mature in Faith Carry the Good News

FMC Mission Statement:

God calls us to Follow Jesus, Mature in faith, and Carry the good news. God calls us to be a transformed people as we:   Follow Jesus in our daily lives by accepting him as Savior and joyfully responding to his love by abiding in him through prayer, Bible study and worship by acting with kindness, mercy and justice toward everyone   Mature in . . .

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History of First Mennonite Church

In 1873, Peter Jansen, a Mennonite from West Prussia, Germany, settled near what is now Jansen, Nebraska. He was convinced that Jefferson and Gage Counties had the best land available for raising livestock. Mennonites had been in the Prussian region, then part of Poland, since the 1500s when they fled the Netherlands to escape persecution. While they were tolerated in West Prussia, life was still difficult. Mennonites . . .

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Advent: How will we know?

Reflecting on what is happening around us in the world today, and to God's people thousands of years ago, it quickly becomes important to us to acknowledge both our questions and the questions of the ancient Near Eastern people we were reading about in our scriptures. Too often, questions in the church are cast aside, and those who ask them are left feeling alone and lonely. But Advent is a time to lean into our questions. To wonder and wander and wait together for the Messiah, the Christ child, the Light.

The theme question, How will we know?” inspires not to look for definitive answers or platitudes, but to lean into the ways that our faith invites us to sit together, to discern the times, to watch and wait, and to trust that we will know when we know, and that even when we have questions and even doubts, God is still with us; still then, God is working. Advent is a time when we wait together and search for clues of the work that God is doing in our midst.
sign saying how will we know?

How will we know?

Week of December 3 - December 9, 2023